~Frequently Asked Questions~

       How does Magnetic Resonance Stimulation work?
       The main feature of this treatment method is the Resonance effect of Pulsating Magnetic Field in the body.  Vibrations          or frequencies (matching our own) are being transmitted as purposeful information to energy deprived, weak or                    unhealthy cells whose function is already restricted and disturbed. Comprehensive studies with over 40 years of        research have proven the medical effect of Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields.NASA did a four year study about the                  benefits of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields, duplicating the energy of the earth.

       What is a Magnetic Field?
       A Magnetic Field is a force field created by a natural permanent magnet, or, as with the iMRS, stimulating this        natural process by tightly wound copper coils carrying electricity. 

       Can Magnetic Fields be perceived with our senses?
       Although Magnetic Fields cannot be felt with our senses, some users perceive a certain sensation during          treatment. A person may feel warm and tingling. The heat is due to improved circulation within  the skin and muscles.        Tingling of the hands and feet is one of the sensations commonly reported. Most people report a "warm fuzzy" feeling          caused by deep relaxation due to a balanced autonomic nervous system. Some people feel nothing during the first              treatment.        

       Where do Magnetic Fields act in the human body?     
       Pulsating Magnetic Fields can act on every cell in the body because of their property of penetrating through         matter. PEMF devices do not treat specific conditions. They optimize the body's natural self-healing abilities. 
       Eight minutes 2 x a day is sufficient to make a difference.  In essence, it teaches cells how to be healthy.

       What is the history of Magnetic Field Therapy?
       The Chinese, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians studied the earth's magnetic field and its significance for people.
       Cleopatra wore a magnetic headband to ease her migraine headaches. NASA completed a 4 year study to show          that the square wave regenerated damaged cells. The iMRS pillow is the only Electromagnetic device on the        
       market that uses the square wave to achieve ultimate pain relief. 

       How can Magnetic Fields affect energy production in the cell?
       The magnetic fields improve utilization of oxygen in cells. 
       It also improves circulation; stimulates bone cartilage; improves bone density; nerve recuperation;                       wound healing; alleviation of pain; activates the body's defense system; reduces stress; regulates digestive             activity; improves melatonin production and sleep; strengthens the immune system and lymphocytes; improves        the effect of medication due to improved metabolism muscle functioning; reduces the tendency of blood clots; 
       and used as a preventive measure toward general health problems.

       Can Magnetic Field Therapy revitalize dead cells?
       Magnetic Therapy using Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields can revitalize cells that have been disturbed, or injured. 
       Once a cell is completely destroyed, it cannot be reanimated.

      Who can use the iMRS?
       Everyone from the very young to the elderly can benefit from Magnetic therapyThere are no side-effects.

       Is it possible to overstimulate with magnetic field therapy?
       No. Over-stimulation is not possible. Diseased cells can be nursed back to health, but healthy cells cannot be      
       over-stimulated. Localized treatment has no limit. Clinical studies on over 200,000 patients have shown no side-                  effects detrimental to health due to magnetic resonance stimulation. It's like, once a pitcher (like a cell) is filled to                  the brim with water, there is no point in pouring more liquid into it. As the day goes on, as the pitcher is emptied and        needs to be refilled, the cells need to be revitalized. 

       Drinking water and adjustment of the intensity at the beginning of the treatment is recommended. 
       As your iMRS Health Technician. I am here to help you with protocol and questions. 

       Does clothing interfere? No, but physics dictates that I wouldn't recommend putting the mat under your mattress. On        top of your mattress under a sheet is okay. Objects and jewelry should be removed.

       Is magnetic therapy considered to be an alternative healing method?
       The iMRS is NOT an alternative method because it is not in conflict with other forms of treatment. Instead, it is a        complement or "bridge" between traditional medicines and alternative medicine. A Health Technician will never          suggest to discontinue or interfere with your prescribed medicines. It is a supplement to enhance healing.

       Can the iMRS be used on children and animals?
       Yes. More often than not, your dog, cat, or young child wants to lie on your tummy while you are on the mat. 
       If you have the mat on a table, pets will often gather underneath to receive the energy from the mat. 
       There is a special mat developed to calm and relax horses. If you have a horse, the Ifauna is a must-have.

       What does the stimulation do?
       Magnetic Resonance increases the body's cell potential due to higher oxygen supply and accelerates the function 
       of ion pumps due to increased ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate---energy or fuel for the cell).

       What is the role of the ORGAN CLOCK?
       Organs have their peak function at different times within 24 hours. Every two hours a different organ becomes           very active energetically for approximately two hours. It is not necessary for us to apply the iMRS at a certain        organ time. Thanks to innovative technology the iMRS uses these biological daily rhythms in all of its time settings.

       Why don't doctors recommend Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields?
       Energy medicine is not part of the regular university medical curriculum. Many doctors report that they never         heard of it when patients ask. In Europe, many doctors have taken time to study this method of treatment and 
       are incorporating it as supportive measure into their own treatments. Many Universities have provided their 
       own double blind studies of which many have been published. Please watch the Dr. Oz video from Nov. 17th, 2011.

       What are some misconceptions about the iMRS?
       The electromagnetic field does not contain magnets but six separate tightly wound copper coils. 
       The frequency range is within the same range of mother earth which also happens to coincide with the frequencies of          our cells. Static magnets are not able to achieve a resonance effect. (Static magnets are like saying "I Love You"                  repeatedly using a monotone voice. The Sawtooth and Square wave guarantees the maximum impulse or action                  potential across the cell membrane which will boost the voltage of the cell.        
       The Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation of the iMRS is altogether different and scientifically proven to be the most        effective. 

Only 3 Contraindications
     iMRS should NOT be used for 
~older pacemakers (you may go to the doctors and be tested---newer ones are usually ok)    
~pregnancy (for moral reasons, this has never been explored)



Cleanse your cells using pulsed electromagnetic fields
 "The cell is a machine driven by energy....
In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy."

                                 Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyl
                                      Nobel Laureate in Medicine 
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