How is Mindfulness connected to Cellular Repair? The NASA study.

What is Mindfulness? 

                                          What is Mindfulness and how does it differ from Awareness? 
                                Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention. 
                                                                                            It is the mental faculty of purposefully bringing awareness to an experience.                                                                                                               Mindfulness can be applied to sensory experience, thoughts, and emotions by                                                                                   using sustained attention and noticing our experience without reacting.

  • Mindfulness is being totally, fully present.

  • Mindfulness provides a practical strategy for working with reality.

  • What does mindfulness have to do with the Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy and Cells? 

  • ...And why is Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy so important to our 
  • cellular health? And what on earth does NASA have to do with it?
  • scroll down to read the NASA study


Any history buff will tell you that many first discoveries were ridiculed and doubted: People feared Columbus would sail off the end of a flat earth; Galileo was placed on house arrest when he said the sun was the center of the universe instead of the earth; and Newton watched an apple fall, discovering gravity ....Now, scientists at NASA are exploring the next frontier of discovery---- 

The Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy for cellular healing. 

So, what is Cellular Healing? What does it do and where did it come from?

The magnetic therapy Dr. Oz refers to is called Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy and is based on the idea that magnetic waves can relieve pain and help the healing process for many medical conditions.

To test the theory, NASA did a 4-year collaborative study on the efficacy of electromagnetic fields to stimulate growth and repair in mammalian tissues.

CHIEF INVESTIGATOR: Thomas J. Goodwin, Ph.D., Lynden B Johnson Space Center

PURPOSE: This four year study used human donors to define the most effective electromagnetic fields for enhancing growth and repair in mammalian tissues.

RESULTS: The PEMF used in the study caused accelerated growth rate and better organized morphology over controls, and resulted in greater cell viability (85% vs. 65%).

T. Goodwin said, "PEMF shut down each dys-regulatory gene we studied.

Final RecommendationOne may use square wave EM fields with rapid rate of change"*









By being 'mindful' of our cells through scientific discoveries such as the  
        Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields and gaining an understanding of cellular communication       
through the Subconscious Mind, 
we can restore and create our own health story.

*Did you know that the iMRS by Swiss Bionics is the only product on the market that utilizes the proven square wave? 

People ask me why I became a Health Technician with Swiss  Bionics. I chose Swiss Bionics because wellness and healthy cells go hand-in-hand and I'm convinced that Swiss Bionics has the best pulsed electromagnetic field unit available.

I purchased an iMRS Pulsating ElectroMagnetic Field system after the medical community to relieve severe back pain wasn't working. I feel that I am my best testimonial as, after a severe fall, I damaged the nerve endings in my back. A friend described it as having a 'concussion' in my tailbone. 

After steroid shots in my back, Physical Therapy, and natural healing modalities, I finally was able to walk without help of a cane but still needed to pull myself up steps using the railings. A friends arm was always appreciated.  Long walks were out of the question. Imagine my frustration at the beach, watching my family disappear into the stretch of sand, picking up seashells and having bonding-time. My lack of mobility affected my moods as I put on weight and was saddened that I wasn't able to do the things that I loved. 

When a trusted friend told me about the iMRS mat and how it rebuilt cells by duplicating the natural waves of the earth, I thought, "This is what I have been looking for."  So, I bought the iMRS mat without ever trying it. I put it on my charge card one day and never looked back. That was September of 2010. 

I soon found relief and before I retired in January 2011, my back and knee pain totally disappeared. I chose Swiss Bionics because of the reputation of the company and it's many years of scientific research. 

I credit learning mindful control of the subconscious and the iMRS mat for an overall feeling of wellness. 

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"There's a revolutionary cure for pain that few doctors know about because it is not a new pill or surgery. It uses moving magnet energy waves that changes the way your body copes with pain."
              ~Dr. Mehmet Oz on his television show, Nov. 2011
Mindful Seedlings


Mind your Thoughts. 
Plant seeds of Light.

Mindfulness and Children
by Paulette Glover

Mindfulness is being totally aware and fully alert. When you are eating, you are eating with mindfulness, tasting each bite with complete enjoyment. When you play, you are entirely present in the activity, and when you walk, you are walking with  appreciation of your surroundings. 
Mindfulness means that when you are eating, you are not thinking about the games you will play, and when you are playing, you are not thinking about going for a walk, and when you are walking, you are not thinking about what you will be eating. Mindfulness is not living in the past or the future, you are living in the present. 

When seeds are planted, it is important that in order for the seeds to grow and develop properly, they need to be watered, have sunshine and be cared for. Plants live in the present. Animals live in the present. Just as sure as the hundreds of starlings innately know their flight pattern as they make their fantastic aerial ballet in the sky, children have a natural instinct to want to live in the present. 

Cooperation is as natural as competition. How do we teach children a healthy balance? How do we teach them mindfulness? How can we teach them to choose their feelings and thoughts? There are times when they will feel unhappy and need to understand those thoughts are okay. There are times when children have positive thoughts, like kindness, compassion, and forgiveness. It's important for them to understand those thoughts, too. 

As adults, it is up to us to offer guidance --- to guide them in the right direction. Mindfulness through breathing is more than 'paying attention'. It offers stress relief, and enhances our senses. Teaching mindfulness helps children become organized and to make proper choices and decisions. 

Mindfulness breathing teaches how we take care of anger. It allows children to be who they are. If they say they are 'sad,' that's okay. They can breathe in "I am sad." they can breathe out, "It's okay to be sad." 

They can breathe in "I am happy." 
Breathe out, "I'm glad to be happy." 

Children need to learn to accept their feelings as they are. Children as young as the age of 5 need to learn to Breathe in and breathe out with mindfulness.  

Create a space in the home where there is positive energy.  Enjoy having loud fun. The same space can also be for dancing and singing as well as quiet times of creativity, relaxation and peace.

The atmosphere of the space is defined by the energy in it. Instead of a 'time-out' space, have a 'breathing' space for children.  Breathe together with your child. You will both benefit.